Bob Ross.Dead Space…

Well it is nearly days end I am looking back on yet another victory in the long battle of Man Vs Boredom. Let us take a look on what we accomplished in today’s trails and tribulations.

My brain was scrambled when I awoke this morning, some friends and I went to see my girlfriends cousin make his first appearance playing guitar live. We ended up going to The Cellar (Granville) which is a great venue, but don’t mistake it for The Cellar Jazz bar (Broadway) in Kits…we did.

Besides that small mistake we had the time wrong, we were told 7:30 P.M, he didn’t start playing till 10:30 P.M. none the less we made it to the show and consumed some adult beverage,. back to the topic at hand.

10:18 A.M. It was a challenge at first to start putting up my defense against boredom , I started with some toast and juice for the old stomach to digest on. While enjoying my toast I trolled the internet as I do in the mornings until I found these little treasures. enjoy.

Island in the Wilderness

Winter Splendor

Now I would usually go for a bike ride around this time of they day the trails are empty and quite, but I wasn’t really feeling that great to go jump on my bike and peddle my ass around the park. I decided a in home day was in order.

12.23 P.M. My afternoon started to seem like it would never end, I resorted to my old stand by… PlayStation, at the moment it’s been black ops but I recently ordered some older games. Dead Space being one of them, I have been meaning to grab this game for sometime now.  Those of you unaware of Dead Space it is terrifying, I haven’t even made it past the “push start” button.

3:06 P.M. The games only keep you interested for so long.. But thanks to AMC road to the Oscars, the channel is playing nothing but Oscar winner/nominated films from the past. Was able to partake in the watching of The Godfather, always a great movie to watch. I just so happened to catch it during my Favorite scene.

by the time the movie finished my girlfriend came home from school, we convinced each other that we should order pizza for dinner, and to have some Caesar salad with it. it didn’t take much convincing.

That was today’s experience, for the evening I will kick back and relax, watch a movie chat with the girlfriend. until tomorrow.


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