Afternoon Delight

It may be a beautiful afternoon, but I am taking a break from outside to have some quality inside time. I awakened from my slumber and began doing my favorite pastime during inside time, youtubing. This can keep any poor bored soul busy for hours, I for one find this always helps defend against the boredom.* must remember that watching YouTube all day can turn you into a lethargic, pot-bellied man beast.

In this Afternoon Delight, I invite you to come along on my boredom journey into YouTube land. Let’s begin.

My search started with Man vs Lions. <— wow! I then stumbled upon Max Headroom, those unaware of the “Max Headroom” incident, click here (after the video).  I have been always curious on what earth would sound like, it’s one of the many things I ponder when bored. After my earth exploration I began searching for sounds from other celestial bodies in our solar system. Jupiter (is this real?) Saturn’s alien speech – (sound starts around 1:30), actual N.A.S.A file.

Has anybody heard of the UVB-76 a.k.a The Buzzer? for those unaware.  If you think that video is weird and pointless….salad fingers has something to say about it. From here I drifted to future first person shooter. I have to admit these guys make me want to be more productive in my spare time with the quality and pure enjoyment of the films they produce. * you can find their page titled ” Freddie Wong” on my Boredom Fighters page.

That completes the first Afternoon Delight, I hope you enjoyed your trip down video lane. I would like to end this Afternoon Delight with a message from my uncle.


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One Response to Afternoon Delight

  1. Lyndon says:

    hahaha dude nice call on uncle antti’s video!

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