From golf to youtube to breakdancing?

Today went pretty well, I was able to flank boredom with the help from good old mother nature. Living in Vancouver you get an unimaginable amount of dark and rainy days during winter, you must learn to take advantage of these wonderful sunny days. I like to use these days to enjoy 18 terrific holes of golf. I put in a phone call to my good friend, who happens to be my golfing buddy and we arranged to play at Country Meadows.  Regular price $30.00, golf twilight(2:30 p.m), $11.00.

After golf I spent the rest of the day defending against boredom by making lasagna with the girlfriend, and checking out some you tube videos as well as a few other things. enjoy.

Wind Mill Fun

This looks good if you are a 16 year old boy

Scary Game! (contains explicit language)

I also found some remarkable pictures I have not seen yet.

For all the people who live up north or where they get lot’s of snow, this one is for you. it’s called Diary of a Snow Shoveler.

Does any one remember David Elsewhere? I remember when his video went viral it was pretty unreal to see someone “pop” the way he did. I just stumbled upon Mr.Fantastic a.k.a. Robert Muraine who I think deals with boredom in ways I could only dream!

Have a great evening.


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