Morning Coffee

Good morning,  for this addition of morning coffee, I have a list of my favorite things to do when I am bored. enjoy.

1) Practice moving objects across the room with my mind. To accomplish this task, you must be in a state of boredom I call ” Hypnoboredom”

2) See how long I can hold my breath for…. My record is 1:02. *partake in this activity at your own risk.

3) Pick a word, any word, repeat it over and over again till the word becomes completely meaningless. * This keeps me busy up to 5 minutes.

4) The one spot stare, I choose one spot, any spot on my wall. I stare right into that spot, with the proper focus I may just put a hole in the wall. * see # 1.

5)  See how many times I can spin in a chair. * must have a swivel chair, will not work with stationary chair.

6) Pretend I’m a jet fighter by mimicking the noises this flying machines makes. Be sure to lean into big turns.

7) Walk around back alleys collecting cans/bottles, a.k.a being a “binner”, at least I’m doing the neighbors a favor…and getting paid!

8) Practice up on flippy cup, I can never be too prepared for my next challenge…

That is a list of the many activities I like to do when fighting boredom. I leave you to enjoy you morning beverage with double rainbow all the way and double dream hands.


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I'm Bored.
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One Response to Morning Coffee

  1. Hells bells says:

    Nate does that holding breath thing too. Usually at pools or in hot tubs though, but his best time is 1:31. Time to practice more Jord..

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