Morning Coffee

Good morning people, welcome to the 3rd edition of morning coffee, This morning I wanted to share the places I daydream about when bored. Come on a wild adventure into the mind of boredom.

Egypt would be nice.

Just look at that Sphinx.

Egypt is wonderful, magical, thrill ride of adventure.

crusing the strip

Vegas Baby Vegas

Nothing beats heading to the poker room or black jack table, remember to always double down!

Scuba scuba scuba

Do you want to do the scuba?

We had such a fantastic time!

Did they film Gladiator here?

I am always so nervous when I come here, Russel Crowe could pop out at any minute.


I hope there's no Japanese around...

To end my wonderful adventure through Imagination, we have sea world. nothing more to say about sea world. Sea world is a wonder full place. Go to sea worldSea world…


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