snowy cold boredom.

I hate when Vancouver gets like this, I know it’s nowhere near as cold as other places, but I’m used to +8 in the winter not -5. That is cold for Vancouver. I find when weather begins to act like this, it makes me get lazy, and laziness breeds boredom.

It is 2:55 p.m. I am sitting on my couch staring out into my yard. Beyond my yard exists a building that blocks my view of the mountains. I hate this building. It has an ugly puke green and beige wall. I hate this wall. It has tenants that occupy the building, one in particular. I hate this tenant. The tenant drives a white, 4 door, Ford truck. I hate this truck. The truck plays music that makes me sick. I hate this music. When I begin to feel sick, I take some pills. I hate these pills. I lye down and have a nap after my pills. I love this nap. I would like to thank the music that makes me sick, that I hear playing in the truck (<—) that one of the tenants from the building with the ugly wall I hate owns, for my wonderful naps.

I have a few afternoon delight clips I watched sitting around trying to pummel boredom. These people were very bored and crazy.

My spine. Terrifying. Really!!?

I hope everybody has a great afternoon staying out of boredom’s way. I am going to stare at the wall.


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I'm Bored.
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