Morning Coffee

Buenos días amigos,  I woke up to a foot of snow in the back yard this morning, was looking forward to being active outside today, this kind of puts a damper on my situation. Seems like boredom is trying some new techniques after getting whooped recently, thinks he can just snow me in. Well I’ll show boredom a thing or two, you can count on that.

I wanted to start this morning coffee with two of my favorite clips from Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Number One. Number Two.  For all you unemployed brothers in the this world, this Charlie clip is for you.

Any Arrested Development fans lingering out in boredom land? I would recommend picking this series up, always keeps me laughing. Gob makes that show, but Tobias Funke is a close second.

Since my boredom has drifted me to the topics of Television shows, I might as well touch on some films. I’m sure I’m not the only excited person for this one. Does anyone remember the Mortal Kombat movies? how awful were those! I’m pretty sure they could have done better, here’s a glimpse (may be disturbing to some viewers) on what it could have been. The director of that short has apparently been signed to produce ten webisodes, should cure some boredom when those are released. As far as  Hollywood trash goes, this one looks decent.  For all you “that’s it, that’s all” fans, you will probably be looking forward to “The Art of Flight“.

I know what your thinking, “Jord? where is all the pictures?” I got you covered. I know when I’m bored, and the boredom munchies kick in, I will scrounge the cupboard for all types of canned goods. But these ones?

I believe I covered most topics I seem to indulge in when I’m bored. I haven’t covered games, but I’ll save that for another Morning Coffee. Have a good day everybody, I hope this edition kept boredom from creeping up on you. until next time.


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4 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. Lyndon says:

    The trailer for The Art of Flight is sick! Those guys know how to make a great snowboard film. Every single aspect of their films are phenomenal!

  2. jordsbored says:

    When Red bull sponsors your videos, I guess you can do whatever the hell you want.

  3. Lyndon says:

    I love all the great videos redbull has, have you checked their youtube page out? It is full of insanely great stuff. Tons of extreme sports and great music stuff as well. Redbull is the shit, I wish I could drink them more often but the panic attack isn’t worth it hahaha! I did have one a couple nights ago to keep me working, it helped a tinch.

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