Music Monday

Good morning everybody, there’s no better way to start a Monday then a cup of delicious coffee. let’s be honest we all hate Mondays, well I like them, but I’m unemployed, I have nothing to achieve on Mondays, or on any other day for that matter. I didn’t get around to an evening post because of the Oscars last night, my girlfriend had some friends over. I had to participate in this evening because without making fun of and criticizing celebrities, they all would have had a bad time, right?

James Franko and what’s her name did a decent job hosting but not even close to Ricky Gervais on the Golden Globes. James 2009 skit was better than his hosting this year. But enough about the Oscars, I really don’t care about them but was an easy topic to start with.

Well I woke up fairly early today to get a head start on boredom, never underestimate an unemployed man. He has nothing but time on his hands and can choose to do whatever he feels is necessary.  I have accomplished much, I jumped online and looked at some postings on Craigslist, I started flagging some I didn’t like, particularly the ones where you should be getting paid double for what they are stating. Wow, maybe if i put this much effort into finding a job…I would of found one…

Well I always resort into youtubing when super bored, this morning was music. enjoy.

Freedom of 76

One of My Turns Acoustic Cover

Space Oddity real good cover.

Little Garcon

Happy Colored Marbles – All request Live

Things ain’t what they used to be


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