The Perpetuel Doom of Boredom Town.

I would like to wish you a very good afternoon.  I wanted to share the many things that I daydream about and I’m sure you do as well in the state of “boredom“.

Time Machines –  Come on, we all thought about it, going to the local hardware store, purchasing some fancy aluminum, hoses, knobs, and other trinkets that we may need to instruct are machine of time. But after you made the design you can never really think where the hell your going to go? If I could only sell my blueprints for a dollar a piece, I’d be a millionaire.

Space – Nothing gets the old noggin stressing out like thinking about our vast universe and how small and meaningless we actually are.* WARNING – do not ponder while under the influence of psychedelics. But do discuss while under the stars at night with some friends and a campfire.

Bills – I’m a strong believer in not stressing about bills, but when you start adding up monthly expenses and how much you actually pay these donkeys, it really twists my nipples. Thank you monetary system for an outstanding society we live in.

What and Where? – Everybody’s favorite topic, where am I going? what am I doing with my life? The only thing that usually put’s a stop to this endless cycle of brutality is a cold beer on the beach during a warm summers day. Thanks Canada for having only 2 months of warm weather.

What if? – Oh yes! the “what if ” topic, what if I had superpowers, would I be a villain or a hero? what if I had the chicken instead of the beef? what if? this topic can keep you going all day if you don’t find something more proactive to do, *see “what and where

The Lottery – Who doesn’t day-dream when bored about winning the lottery? there is no better way to spend an afternoon then thinking of all the useless crap you can buy.  Clown customs, army of killer rats,  a doomsday machine! but remember your cheap so throwing down 5 bucks for a ticket isn’t realistic.

Zombie Apocalypse – Here is one of my favorite things to ponder while curing boredom. What do to during a Zombie Apocalypse.  How long could I last? where’s the best place to set up camp? will I be prepared to handle this situation in the not to distant future? I keep insisting to my girl friend we need to buy a gun to be ready for this. She thinks I’m crazy, I’ll show her who’s crazy when a horde of hungry zombies are waiting to eat our flesh outside the patio door. just saying.

Why? – Great topic to keep the old brain waves flowing,  why is love blind when lingerie is so popular? why do we push harder on a remote control when the batteries are near death? why is working so great, when they have to pay us to do it? I can go all day and I’m sure you can to.

Next time your bored try some of my techniques to liven up your afternoon, you never know when a zombie apocalypse can happen, no shame in being prepared with a game plan.


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One Response to The Perpetuel Doom of Boredom Town.

  1. harrypimplebum says:

    remember the duck that you fed chips to at camp? we were talking about the end of the universe, that was great.

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