Sunday o Sunday

Sunday, everybody loves Sunday. They’re no other days that contributes to boredom like Sundays. Get to sleep in as late as you want, eat whatever you feel like, do whatever it is you feel like doing. But there’s the one thing that always looms in the distance. Monday. Everybody thinks Sundays are so great, I am here to call you a liar, Sunday has got to be the worst day, don’t believe me? here is a list why.

1) 80% of the time, you’re hung over, you just wasted your Sunday. Enjoy sitting on the couch bragging about how hung over you are and how many “Jager-bombs” you destroyed last night.

2) You can’t go out and drink Sunday nights, you have to go to work in the morning. (unless you are an unemployed member of society, then by all means call me)

3) Sunday for most people is a cleaning day…nothing makes a Sunday like getting the old vacuum out. sparkle! sparkle!

4) The farmers market. ah yes, the farmers market, the girl friend calls you and says ” let’s go support are local growers!” you say “Yeah! that’s a great idea, I love contributing to the local growers!”  that is until you get there and remember why you haven’t been going for the past few months, they rip you off more than I.C.B.C does. (for all those people who live outside of BC, quit your job, move here, go get your insurance, then reply here.)

5) 99% of liquor stores are closed.

6) Walking down main streets of your city. I cannot even tell you how much I hate walking down the main arteries of Vancouver on Sundays, another reason why my girlfriend won’t let me purchase a gun.

7) Stanley Park. I love this trail, I ride through it 3-4 times a week but only through Monday-Friday. YOU DON’T GO ON SUNDAYS. If you can somehow manage to make it through the thick crowds of slow people, dog walkers, tourists, people going the wrong way (painted arrow people, come on!) You still have to survive the onslaught of pot heads toking up in every square inch of the place, I’m still stoned from last week.

8) Drivers. come on! why are you going 20km/h in a 50km/h zone!!! SERIOUSLY! DRIVE! GO! IT’S GREEN!

Go on, think about it… still think Sunday is the greatest day, leave a comment why.


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