Morning Coffee

Good morning, I hope you’re doing well today. Me? I’m fine thank you for asking. It only hurts in the morning. No, the doctor said it should go away if I stop scratching it. I’ll check that cream out, thanks for the recommendation. Ah yea, hello, good morning welcome to an edition of morning coffee, I hope know one is reading my blog from some far away country, roaming on their cell phone, cause that would make you an idiot. But thank you for taking time out of your travels to read this.

I stumbled on this Dunk last night, I have to say that’s amazing, it’s a little old but wow. Scientists have finally been quoted saying that “The machines are taking over”, I for one am not surprised. I warned you. I love that “news” network, it is a site that can keep you busy and away from the boredom zone for hours. Check this video out – “genetically modified corn asks for death” This Sony video was my favorite video 3 years ago, it’s my favorite video this year. “Time Vampire.”classic.

Those of who don’t listen to stand of comedians, specially Kat Williams, you live under a rock. On another note what do you think about this situation? I get that what he did was wrong, but come one! this guy could get 20 years! Rapists, Murderers, Drug dealers, ext don’t even get it this bad. Guy seems like a nice person, he just made a mistake. What do you think? leave a comment.

I hope you guys have a good morning, I leave you this super amazing video.


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