wait a minute…

So Vancouver has an opportunity for a brand new casino to be built downtown. Now this isn’t just any regular sized casino, but this would be the largest western side casino ever built for gambling. It is reported and don’t quote me that it would bring in roughly 23.5 million dollars for the city in just royalties and property tax. Not only would this bring in much-needed revenue for the city, but it would employ over 3000 people. Don’t forget about the 5000 people who would benefit from the contracts of building the casino.

The protesters out there making a big deal about this new casino, people saying such things as it will cause social problems, gambling problems, family problems, and increase of organized crime to name a few. Have we all forgotten? we have a serious drug and homeless problem in the east side of Vancouver? People are worried about a casino that will bring thousands of jobs to our struggling economy and pump millions of dollars into the city, even the province? Just seems funny to me. I can walk down to east Hastings, and watch hundreds of people inject heroin into their veins or smoke crack, while the dealers are standing on each and every corner and people are worried about social problems and organized crime? really?

Let’s talk about this for a minute. In what fantasy land are you living in where are city doesn’t already have all these problems? Just walk downtown and see the homeless problem, drug problem and dare I say prostitution, that is sandwiched between some of the nicest areas in Vancouver. Worried about gambling problems? The Edge Water casino is already downtown!? I can jump on the sky-train and be at the River Rock in 15 minutes. If people are saying that this will cause a gambling problem you are too late, these people already have one, why not give them a new casino to spend money in. They will continue going to the other casinos or online to piss their money away anyway.

I just find it silly that people are saying this casino is going to bring problems to our city, wake up, this city already has problems. And maybe these people are right, maybe it will increase some of these problems. Maybe the 23.5 million a year will help fix some of these. just saying.

I’m glad I got that off my chest, it was really getting on my nerves, those people making a big deal about this should worry and concern themselves with the economic problems we face while Libya is in the middle of a revolution. I hope $1.85/L is up you alley.

On another note check this out. and this.


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