Boredom knocked.

What it is today, Friday? Man no idea, days go by like months when your unemployed. I can never remember the day of the week, or even the month most of the time. weird. Hey! bored? Wanna practice up on rock, paper, scissors? go here.

I found this video the other day that some of you may have seen but maybe not, it puts life into perspective and makes it more understandable. (watch the whole 5 min) While spending time cruising the online universe today and found some cool beach art.

On another note, I would have to agree with this man, that throwing dog feces at this person is the right thing to do. Oh! and before I forget, this is what it’s like to be poor. I made it through the month with 45 bucks left, damn kid kept wanting things.

My uncle would like to share his favorite meal plan with you all.


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I'm Bored.
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