Sleeping Overtime.

I did it again. I tried getting up a few times but next thing I knew, I was drifting back to sleep. Wow, here are some reasons why sleeping in when unemployed isn’t the greatest idea.

– Waking up at 1:00 p.m may sound like it’s awesome (it is pretty sweet) but say good-bye to the rest of the day. By the time you have a coffee, shower, and a bite to eat its 7:00 P.m!

– Try going for a walk after you woke up in the afternoon. first of all I feel god awful in the morning, and I know I don’t look the prettiest. People give you some weird stares, probably thinking to themselves “look at that bum, I’m not giving him any change!.” Look people I am out of milk for my coffee, and I just got up. Give me a break.

– Missing important phone calls because you turned it on silence, so know one disturbed your slumber. I really don’t care about this one.

– Only having a few hours of sunlight. I need my vitamin D!

– Feeling guilty having “an afternoon beer” when you know it’s practically the morning for your lazy ass because you just got up 25 minutes ago.

Those are just a few things to mention, there are way more. I’m sure some of you can name a few. How does anybody work nights. alright time to cook lunch..or dinner.. or whatever.


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2 Responses to Sleeping Overtime.

  1. Loud says:

    I’ve been in this situation a few times – it is way to hard to switch back to mornings – I suggest pushing through – staying up later and later each night, sleeping later into the afternoon, until you just pull an all nighter, ride out the day, go to bed early (cause you’ve been up so long) and then waking up at a reasonable hour. You sort of lose a day somewhere but when unemployed, days are expendable and waking up early sucks.

  2. jordsbored says:

    Yes, I know this technique, I’ve tried before it didn’t turn out so well, I ended falling asleep around 8 in the morning and found myself deeper into the rabbits hole. I’m going to go for the get up at a reasonable hour say 10 to start instead of sleeping in till 12.

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