As The World Turns.

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your day is going well. Grab a cup of coffee, and click here.  This is a pretty cool video, if these guys actually made this, there investor’s are going to be pissed.

I really want to share this video with you,  some people have know idea who Oppenheimer is!? (video may cause depression. seriously, you can really see regret, pain, and remorse for what he had created.) I had a discussion with someone the other night, they had no clue who Robert Oppenheimer was. I was speechless, I quoted his famous line. ” I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” This person was speechless, KNOW IDEA!?

We have serious problems, they won’t just go away. Reactors melting down. (for those of you who rely on one news source – CNN, or CBC, I recommend seeking multiple outlets,  here is a good place to start.) They are about to bomb (if not already bombing) Libya. Interesting enough this is the largest grossing oil country in Africa. Keep you minds open, don’t listen to one source of media, look for the information yourself. And most importantly as your self this ” would the government lie to us?” or “would the government hide things from us.” if you think the answer is no, thanks for coming out, have a good life, see yeah later, enjoy your dream world.

This is funny, How dumb can they think we are? If it’s so good for us, sell it in a bottle for us to drink up!

To end this, and to possibly cheer you up. Louis C.K everybody. he is too funny.

Enjoy your day everybody.


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