Sundays are MeLlOw

Good evening to you, How is your Sunday going? That’s cool man, Mine has been good yeah, Thanks for asking. Super sunny in Vancouver today, gave us a little taste of how spectacular the summers are here. Can’t wait. Well for tonight I have found a collection of videos that are weird, messed up, funny and down right brutal. I will start off a little easy…

At least someone was spotting.

Please deliver those to my house (HAHA! weapon of mass destruction! haha!)

This is pretty funny

I do not recommend watching this entire clip, I did, It was brutal.

Lighten up the mood for this evening

Man seriously, that metal band is pretty horrible . For one, they can’t sing, and two, there is NO guitarist! They have friend’s moshing on the stage behind them, Ahh it’s so bad! everything about it is so fricken terrible! Who watched these guys and said, “Please play at our elementary school.” Why, what is the reason for this performance… I feel so dirty from watching that monstrosity. I am glad I got that off my chest, it was bugging me.

These next two are a bit old, but I have never seen them, maybe you have, maybe you haven’t!.

Pretty sweet biking video.

By far the coolest dude ever!

Ok here are some newer video for you, they are of the Tsunami that hit Japan.

Tsunami in the Middle of the ocean hours before heading Japan.

Ok wow, that is insane footage.



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