Boredom Land.

Good evening people. What is it today, oh yes Monday. Monday evening, the first work day for most people, the worst day for some people, and for me it’s just a day. A day in a month, trapped in a year; which is surrounded by decades. But for some, It’s a day were you might of woke up and regretted doing this.

If you like Russian’s, you may like this man. If you don’t care for them to much, (really?) you might like these guys. Ah man, you know when you think you might have shared a video or song with people and can’t remember if you did or not? ahhhh! let’s get divorced. (that’s when Gener was “healthy“)

Here is a great way to break your ass and do nothing for a while. I also could recommend doing this, which looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Has anyone else noticed all the flipping advertisements on You Tube these days, man it drives me nuts. I want to watch random videos not random ads. I’m just on edge, I haven’t smoked in a few days. Yea, yea, yea “good for you” whatever, I wish I lived in these times…..

Big O



Alright then, have a good evening, I’ll see you all soon.


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I'm Bored.
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