Not Bored. but a little bored…

Bored, Today I was not bored. My partner has gone on a trip with her sister to see their parents in an undisclosed location. (the country has a huge canal there) I have been left to deal with all the cleaning and chores. She also left me with the “child” a.k.a the “the dog” or what we call him “Trooper”, he’s a good dog. Trooper had a tough life until we picked him up for a trip we took driving down Central America. (the people in those country are terrified of dogs, and I for one am terrified of being robbed at gun point.)

He likes to go on walks. I don’t like to go on walks. You can see the situation we are both in. My partner left both of us in this awkward situation. He looks at me, I try to ignore him, next thing I know I’m waking the dog. I actually don’t mind it, it’s kind of nice to go for a walk downtown. You can people watch, we have all sorts of people. Fat ones, skinny ones, gay ones, weird ones, and Vancouver’s most popular, the high on drug ones.

Besides walking the pooch I indulged in some Black-Ops, that game will ruin your life if you haven’t played it yet. You say to yourself ” I’ll have a quick game before bed” next thing you know it’s 3:00 A.M! and you’re wired on run and coke’s. try sleeping on that!

Anyway, wow what a ramble for a Tuesday afternoon. Love it.


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I'm Bored.
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