where is my mind…

You guys remember when that kid body slammed that bully?

Body Slammer’s story

That kid did what he was supposed to do, defend yourself when being attacked. Hey Casey Good FUCKING job. (that is the first time I have ever cursed. ever.) You know what pisses me off, is those two catty girls in the background of that video. Think they’re so cool “let’s laugh at this kid getting punched.” hey girls, I HATE you. well maybe not hate, I dislike the smirk on your face. all I have to say to end that is Casey = Winning. (no? no more? were not doing that anymore?)

Body Slammed Story

Kid FUCKING Lies PERIOD. —>Get that eyebrow ring out of your face. (say that in a Nacho Libre accent.)

Yea, yea, yea, they’re both kids. whatever. Oh! here is a video of some police brutality, BUT at the same time, that woman kinda had it coming…

So I went to a job interview this morning (interview was fine) but I got kind of lost for a little bit (shout out to Zuby for directions.) I don’t know how I pulled that off, I have only lived here for four years. To top it all off I dropped of the “Jimmy” (truck) at the mechanics (it’s making a weird popping noise from the wheel well, probably gremlins.) So everything went well, gave him my keys. Walked around main street, did some shopping and one of my all time favorite things, people watching. Let’s just say the ~Smelly~ people were out today.

Then took the train downtown to get to my house. On the way back I stopped at a food truck called “bada bing.” it was bada crap. worst Philly Cheese Steak I ever had, and the poutine….Pfffff, please. As soon as I got back to my place, yup. No keys. Left the spare set in the truck. Moron. what’s that? a spare key hidden? why, yes I usually do, but I removed it last time I used it. thanks for reminding me. Jerk.

It actually wasn’t that bad, It was really nice out, so I didn’t mind walking all the way back to the train, then all the way back to the mechanics; then all the way back to the train, then all the way back to my house. no problem.

Well, I’m going to take the pooch for a walk, maybe you should get of your computer and do the same.



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One Response to where is my mind…

  1. Narissa says:

    I was bored when I got home, and to my surprise you were still writing the blog! Thank you for fending off the beast of boredom, keep it up!

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