welcome to sunday

It is Sunday morning at 8:42 A.M, I was up around 8:00.  That is early to be getting up on a Sunday, I don’t even work! I was tired from yesterday, I went to bed pretty early. Yeah I was golfing while most of you were cursing the snow and cold. whatever though it was only +10 out. No worries. The blog post will be slowing down a bit this week, I will be working. (who knows how long it’ll last) I will still manage to get some good material out for the readers, I kinda like this. I can focus on putting some quality work into an article instead of trying to rush one so you guys/gals don’t send me a bunch of hate mail.

Well, other than that I went to register for the Sunday 1/4 million, which was bumped up to 1 million for the promotions of changing the name to the “Sunday Storm.” but It had 45,000+ people registered already. The max was 150,000, give me a break. A field that big isn’t worth the time and you will be extremely lucky (and a good player) to work through that field.

This is crazy. what haven’t we kick flipped?

Thinking of becoming religious…heal me…

Owning hecklers, G.J. Kyle Cease.


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