I miss being bored…

Hi everybody!

It’s been two days since I was sitting around all day contemplating life’s greatest mystery’s and giving you guys some quality material. (maybe good) I have been working, yes working. Jord has got himself a for real job, I have been doing some landscaping; and not that “landscaping” where you mow lawns all day. (I hate those stupid companies who call themself “landscaping” but they actually just mow lawns all day. I worked for a company who did lawn care, guess what the name was? Sturgeon Valley LAWN CARE, not Sturgeon Vally LANDSCAPING.)

It’s been good work, but wow! I am sore, tired, and feel good. who doesn’t like waking up at 5:00 a.m to walk the dog, then work at 7:00 a.m? I do get off work in the late afternoon (around 3:30) which I do like, no rush hour, no morons on the road, and most importantly, beers start going down earlier. anyways.. I’m pretty sore, this is what happens when you sit around for a while, and do nothing that physical. (I got exercise, give me a break, I rode my bike.)…..(you got me, I only rode it a couple of times a week…)

Anyway, We laid some turf today (yeah that’s right, say you silly joke you immature child). I don’t know if many people who read this have done that, but it’s actually pretty tough work, that turf feels pretty heavy after a while. This one guy (I think his name is Matt) and I started having a man up competition on who could wheel barrow the most turf. (yeah yeah yeah, insert your sick joke here) I got 12, he tried 13, but 13 was near impossible (you had to wheel it over a bed of loose rocks.) So 12 stayed the record for the day, yeah.

I’m going to crush a couple of delectable beverages (beer) and probably call it a day, 5:00 a.m comes pretty early….



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