April is a good month.

April, such a great month. The flowers start to bloom, The weather starts to get warmer, and the days longer.  I spent the morning golfing, at first we went to Langera, but everybody who golf’s decided it’s time to take the clubs out. Not used to the crowds on the courses considering it’s been empty for the past 2 months. So we went to Mylora, empty. perfect. good 18 holes, specially with the “mixed” coffee this morning.

FANTASTIC. – Greatest video ever.

I would like to make a shout out to all you “cyclists” out there who want to be treated with respect and dignity. Why do you complain when a car cuts you off, but you never adhere to the rules of the road? Please insert your head up your ass. Jerks.

First week back to work. Felt pretty good, feels like I worked out everyday, is this what being “in shape” means? feel sore and crappy for the weekend… Let’s just say man created beer for a reason. (to escape the realities of this monetary system we live in) If we only could figure out that Marijuana grows on this planet for a reason. (to completely forget about the realities of this monetary system.)

Anyway, haven’t posted in a little awhile, been a little busy, was supposed to go out drinking last night. Ended up having the worst migraine I have ever had. I even had to lie down just to relax. But at the same time the Oilers crushed the Canucks last night. Pretty funny considering. (if you don’t watch hockey I am not going to explain the “considering” part)

I have a few things left to grab today for work tomorrow. (if you are reading this.stop.get a education.stop.) Have a good evening everybody, talk to you soon.


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