April is a good month.

April, such a great month. The flowers start to bloom, The weather starts to get warmer, and the days longer.  I spent the morning golfing, at first we went to Langera, but everybody who golf’s decided it’s time to take the clubs out. Not used to the crowds on the courses considering it’s been empty for the past 2 months. So we went to Mylora, empty. perfect. good 18 holes, specially with the “mixed” coffee this morning.

FANTASTIC. – Greatest video ever.

I would like to make a shout out to all you “cyclists” out there who want to be treated with respect and dignity. Why do you complain when a car cuts you off, but you never adhere to the rules of the road? Please insert your head up your ass. Jerks.

First week back to work. Felt pretty good, feels like I worked out everyday, is this what being “in shape” means? feel sore and crappy for the weekend… Let’s just say man created beer for a reason. (to escape the realities of this monetary system we live in) If we only could figure out that Marijuana grows on this planet for a reason. (to completely forget about the realities of this monetary system.)

Anyway, haven’t posted in a little awhile, been a little busy, was supposed to go out drinking last night. Ended up having the worst migraine I have ever had. I even had to lie down just to relax. But at the same time the Oilers crushed the Canucks last night. Pretty funny considering. (if you don’t watch hockey I am not going to explain the “considering” part)

I have a few things left to grab today for work tomorrow. (if you are reading this.stop.get a education.stop.) Have a good evening everybody, talk to you soon.

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I miss being bored…

Hi everybody!

It’s been two days since I was sitting around all day contemplating life’s greatest mystery’s and giving you guys some quality material. (maybe good) I have been working, yes working. Jord has got himself a for real job, I have been doing some landscaping; and not that “landscaping” where you mow lawns all day. (I hate those stupid companies who call themself “landscaping” but they actually just mow lawns all day. I worked for a company who did lawn care, guess what the name was? Sturgeon Valley LAWN CARE, not Sturgeon Vally LANDSCAPING.)

It’s been good work, but wow! I am sore, tired, and feel good. who doesn’t like waking up at 5:00 a.m to walk the dog, then work at 7:00 a.m? I do get off work in the late afternoon (around 3:30) which I do like, no rush hour, no morons on the road, and most importantly, beers start going down earlier. anyways.. I’m pretty sore, this is what happens when you sit around for a while, and do nothing that physical. (I got exercise, give me a break, I rode my bike.)…..(you got me, I only rode it a couple of times a week…)

Anyway, We laid some turf today (yeah that’s right, say you silly joke you immature child). I don’t know if many people who read this have done that, but it’s actually pretty tough work, that turf feels pretty heavy after a while. This one guy (I think his name is Matt) and I started having a man up competition on who could wheel barrow the most turf. (yeah yeah yeah, insert your sick joke here) I got 12, he tried 13, but 13 was near impossible (you had to wheel it over a bed of loose rocks.) So 12 stayed the record for the day, yeah.

I’m going to crush a couple of delectable beverages (beer) and probably call it a day, 5:00 a.m comes pretty early….


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welcome to sunday

It is Sunday morning at 8:42 A.M, I was up around 8:00.  That is early to be getting up on a Sunday, I don’t even work! I was tired from yesterday, I went to bed pretty early. Yeah I was golfing while most of you were cursing the snow and cold. whatever though it was only +10 out. No worries. The blog post will be slowing down a bit this week, I will be working. (who knows how long it’ll last) I will still manage to get some good material out for the readers, I kinda like this. I can focus on putting some quality work into an article instead of trying to rush one so you guys/gals don’t send me a bunch of hate mail.

Well, other than that I went to register for the Sunday 1/4 million, which was bumped up to 1 million for the promotions of changing the name to the “Sunday Storm.” but It had 45,000+ people registered already. The max was 150,000, give me a break. A field that big isn’t worth the time and you will be extremely lucky (and a good player) to work through that field.

This is crazy. what haven’t we kick flipped?

Thinking of becoming religious…heal me…

Owning hecklers, G.J. Kyle Cease.

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Morning Coffee

I would like to apologize about missing a post yesterday. I’m Sorry. I’m sorry I have a life and I didn’t have time to post some entertaining videos or article for your pleasure. Jerk.  But in all seriousness, I was out of the house most of the day, and just didn’t get around to making sure you have entertainment when you’re bored…

Welcome to Morning Coffee! I went to the mechanic yesterday, My rear side is a little sore today. They always know how to make your day! anyway grab your coffee sit down and have a laugh.

I think there may be a tornado and some hail? ripping stuff a part?


of course this happened.

One Word—> Russian.

I am very surprised how calm this man seems..

I guess this ok, Friday!?


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where is my mind…

You guys remember when that kid body slammed that bully?

Body Slammer’s story

That kid did what he was supposed to do, defend yourself when being attacked. Hey Casey Good FUCKING job. (that is the first time I have ever cursed. ever.) You know what pisses me off, is those two catty girls in the background of that video. Think they’re so cool “let’s laugh at this kid getting punched.” hey girls, I HATE you. well maybe not hate, I dislike the smirk on your face. all I have to say to end that is Casey = Winning. (no? no more? were not doing that anymore?)

Body Slammed Story

Kid FUCKING Lies PERIOD. —>Get that eyebrow ring out of your face. (say that in a Nacho Libre accent.)

Yea, yea, yea, they’re both kids. whatever. Oh! here is a video of some police brutality, BUT at the same time, that woman kinda had it coming…

So I went to a job interview this morning (interview was fine) but I got kind of lost for a little bit (shout out to Zuby for directions.) I don’t know how I pulled that off, I have only lived here for four years. To top it all off I dropped of the “Jimmy” (truck) at the mechanics (it’s making a weird popping noise from the wheel well, probably gremlins.) So everything went well, gave him my keys. Walked around main street, did some shopping and one of my all time favorite things, people watching. Let’s just say the ~Smelly~ people were out today.

Then took the train downtown to get to my house. On the way back I stopped at a food truck called “bada bing.” it was bada crap. worst Philly Cheese Steak I ever had, and the poutine….Pfffff, please. As soon as I got back to my place, yup. No keys. Left the spare set in the truck. Moron. what’s that? a spare key hidden? why, yes I usually do, but I removed it last time I used it. thanks for reminding me. Jerk.

It actually wasn’t that bad, It was really nice out, so I didn’t mind walking all the way back to the train, then all the way back to the mechanics; then all the way back to the train, then all the way back to my house. no problem.

Well, I’m going to take the pooch for a walk, maybe you should get of your computer and do the same.


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Not Bored. but a little bored…

Bored, Today I was not bored. My partner has gone on a trip with her sister to see their parents in an undisclosed location. (the country has a huge canal there) I have been left to deal with all the cleaning and chores. She also left me with the “child” a.k.a the “the dog” or what we call him “Trooper”, he’s a good dog. Trooper had a tough life until we picked him up for a trip we took driving down Central America. (the people in those country are terrified of dogs, and I for one am terrified of being robbed at gun point.)

He likes to go on walks. I don’t like to go on walks. You can see the situation we are both in. My partner left both of us in this awkward situation. He looks at me, I try to ignore him, next thing I know I’m waking the dog. I actually don’t mind it, it’s kind of nice to go for a walk downtown. You can people watch, we have all sorts of people. Fat ones, skinny ones, gay ones, weird ones, and Vancouver’s most popular, the high on drug ones.

Besides walking the pooch I indulged in some Black-Ops, that game will ruin your life if you haven’t played it yet. You say to yourself ” I’ll have a quick game before bed” next thing you know it’s 3:00 A.M! and you’re wired on run and coke’s. try sleeping on that!

Anyway, wow what a ramble for a Tuesday afternoon. Love it.

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Boredom Land.

Good evening people. What is it today, oh yes Monday. Monday evening, the first work day for most people, the worst day for some people, and for me it’s just a day. A day in a month, trapped in a year; which is surrounded by decades. But for some, It’s a day were you might of woke up and regretted doing this.

If you like Russian’s, you may like this man. If you don’t care for them to much, (really?) you might like these guys. Ah man, you know when you think you might have shared a video or song with people and can’t remember if you did or not? ahhhh! let’s get divorced. (that’s when Gener was “healthy“)

Here is a great way to break your ass and do nothing for a while. I also could recommend doing this, which looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Has anyone else noticed all the flipping advertisements on You Tube these days, man it drives me nuts. I want to watch random videos not random ads. I’m just on edge, I haven’t smoked in a few days. Yea, yea, yea “good for you” whatever, I wish I lived in these times…..

Big O



Alright then, have a good evening, I’ll see you all soon.

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